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Measuring My Worth: Visualising Frustrations and Making a Statement through Fashion

This piece comments on the constant pressure and negative body image that society perpetuates to have the "perfect body." I constantly struggle with my self-image, making peace with my body's shape, and constantly seeing numbers as equivalent to my worth as a person. This piece asks a question - can you measure your worth? 



Art Direction, Concept

Garment Design


Worked Under

Kevin O Callaghan

Young Sun Compton

I chose to work with a corset as it structurally feels suffocating, much like how I feel suffocated by my body and physical appearance, and how the tape tightening at the back measures your value.

I sewed the corset and left the back open to tie and tighten it with a few meters of measuring tape.

Suffocated by the Weight of My Weight

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