Exhibition Identity Design: Gabriel Dawe

This project revolves around Gabriel Dawe's large-scale and site-specific illuminating thread installations. I aimed to curate a series of his works called the Plexus and designed the identity, publications, and print media for the exhibition 'Intersection of light and space'.





Print, Art Direction

Gabriel Dawe



Worked under

Philip Dibello


Plexus, Named after the network of blood vessels or nerves that run throughout the body and form connections. The series is a network of large thread installations based on the spectrum of light and it's colors and specific to the space that it is exhibited in. that Dawe is best known for.

I chose to create two publications showing Dawe's before and after as a peek into his process and the aftermath of his work.

Constructed Edition

The Constructed edition of the publication displays Dawe's work in a sequence of when it was produced and the pages are sectioned according to colors of the spectrum which represent different eras of his work. 

Deconstructed Edition

Dawe's intricate large-scale works are condensed into what he calls 'Relics.' These Relics comprise of all the thread, nails, wood, and materials used to make the installations, condensed into a clear plastic box case that transforms and preserves the temporary work into a whole new artwork and perspective on his Plexus series. Thus, this edition shows his work, deconstructed.

Exhibition Applications

Tickets & Posters for the exhibition.

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