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First Picture Productions:

Branding & Identity Design

Developing a brand identity and applications for clients - Ilan Amouyal and David Zerat, Founders of First Picture Films. The goal was to create a logo that was timeless, distinctive and had international resonance.


Art Direction, Print and Web Design


First Picture Films


Worked under


Tom Geismar, Sagi Haviv and Mika Owens

I was inspired by the sketches for the patent for the first film reel and chose the reel because it's a classic reference to film and it's form allowed room for experimentation.

Palak Kumar First Picture Final.022.png
Palak Kumar First Picture Final.023.png

Developing the Identity:


Created a collection of applications and contexts the logo can be used in.

Palak Kumar First Picture Final.014.png
Palak Kumar First Picture Final.011.png
Palak Kumar First Picture Final.021.png
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