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Delhi Summers

Delhi Summers is a small business that I started in may earlier this year and was developed as an idea in my sophomore year in my graphic design class. Inspired by endless and dreamy summers spent in my hometown and the scents and feelings that I associate with Delhi. Read more below to see how it started.


Web, Identity and Packaging Design




Worked under

Ros Knopov and Graydon Kolk

The original project in class began as an assignment to repackage a fruit or food item in a unique way. 

I chose mangoes as they are one thing that always reminds me of where I come from, and they taste better there than anywhere else. They make me feel extremely nostalgic and transport me to my childhood, drinking mango shakes for breakfast on the hottest days, having my grandmother cut my mangoes in squares, and me refusing to eat them any other way.

Repackaging Mangoes as Compressed Face Masks and Body Bars

A How-To Guide to Using Mango Sheet Masks 

Mango Butter Face & Body Bars + Packaging

Inspired by my favorite summer drink — Mango Shakes!


Mangoes are also often used for making traditional Indian home remedies and the women in my family have always taught me many recipes to make hair and face masks with the simplest items in our kitchen.

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Developing a Brand 

The idea of smells and flavors unique to a single place sparked an idea in me and I decided to turn the concept behind Delhi Summers into a reality. In May 2020, I began testing and learning how to make face masks, candles, and soaps that were plastic-free, plant-based. I wanted to create a brand revolving around self-care and something that reminded people about Indian summers and feelings that they could resonate with.

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