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From Font to Fabric: Reimagining Traditional Indian Attire

This project was an exploration into making textiles and experimenting with paper and folding techniques to create patterns of our own. The process of creating textiles was one that I enjoyed so much that I really wanted to see it come to life.


Art Direction,

Textile Design



Worked Under

Olga Mehzibovoskya

Screenshot 2020-12-10 at 7.15.48 PM.png

I drew inspiration for my pieces from traditional Indian clothing like saris, kurtas, odnis, and stoles to create a series of contemporary Indian fusion clothing.

Creating Textiles

Growing up, I felt a certain disconnect with traditional Indian clothing and was uncomfortable in my body and being on the other side of the lens. After moving abroad for college and digging deeper into my own culture in several projects over the past few months has given me a better understanding of where I come from through my work and left me with an urge to discover more about myself making peace with myself.

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